Architectural stonework drawings

We have some new drawings: stonework found in the garden of Norwell Overhall. You can click on an image to enlarge and scroll through. There is a key below:

Below is a key to the drawings above. Thanks to Adrian Wright and John Laycock for drawing and compiling.

Norwell Overhall, Southwell Site code NOS 20
Photo/ Drawing NoStone material, design, description, Tooling, mason marks, age, use of stone, sculpture, moulding design, number of worked faces
001Ancaster, Ashlar faced triangular segment, incised square to bed face, machine sawn or French combed face, possible five nail heads.
002Ancaster, Triangular segment, sawn faces, concaved face, recessed rectangle joggle to bed face.
  003Ancaster, Ashlar to two faces, one sawn or chiselled, possible medieval.
  004Ancaster, 3 number Ashlar faces, medieval.
  005Ancaster, 4 Ashlar faces, medieval.
  006Ancaster, concave face with fine chiselled decoration lines, medieval.
007  Ancaster block, sawn faces. Modern electric saw cut.
  008Ancaster, triangular block, inscribed square to bed face.
  009Ancaster, triangular block, French combing to one face.
  010Ancaster, Plinth shaped block.
  011Mansfield white sand stone, possible sculptured stone (possible dog holding hare or small deer by a leg).
  012Mullion “Y” shape tracery with glazing grooves, 2 number incised tenons for iron support rods.
  013Ancaster, string course block.
  014Ancaster. Possible plinth or window sill, french combing.
  015Ancaster, column base with beaded outer ring (water basin design, on square block base, Possible 13th c.
  016Window or opening moulding with cusp rolls.
  017Window or opening moulding with cusp rolls.
  018Arch voussoir with cusp roll moulding.
  019Mansfield white sand stone, Voussoir Norman internal open arch.
  0203 number Column bases, octagonal shaft, centrally positioned square mortice to bed face.
  021Mansfield white sand stone, keel voussoir.
  022Ancaster, fire place surround, Elizabethan type design?
  023Ancaster, door jamb.
  024Ancaster, fire place surround, Elizabethan type design? Joins with 022.
  025Mansfield white sand stone, window jamb with glass grove. Chamfered edge front and rear.
  026 +026AColumn head? Masons setting out marks to bed, French combing to face and section of bed, possible hexagonal column.
  027Ancaster. External plinth return, cut out on bed face for fish tail cramp, curved kick out to base of face.
  028Possible string course stone, plinth above cusp roll for water drip.
  029Ancaster, circular column.
  030Window sill section with water drip channel.
  031Section of hexagonal column, square incised hole on bed face, joggle slot to end bed faces.
  032Section of hexagonal column, with plus + shape masons mark.
  033Spring stone for 2 number arches? With nail head carved design.
  034Ancaster, corner stone with curved internally rough face finish, external faces fine finished.
  035Ancaster, octagonal column.
  036Mansfield white sand stone, end coping stone double curved top.
  037Ancaster, ashlar stone block, fine faced, lead deposit in side joggle.
  038Mansfield white sand stone, window sill section, glass groove, part mitre cut to one end.
  039Ancaster, mullion.
  040Mansfield white stone, double roll coping or string course stone.
  041Ancaster, possible door jamb, dog tooth design, mortar on 2 faces.
  042Ancaster, French combing to part of one face
  043Ancaster, hexagon column, mason mark to bed face, French combing  
  044Mansfield white sand stone, coping stone, 6 nail heads.
  045Mansfield white sand stone, chamfered window mullion with glas  grove.
  046Ancaster, angled corner, later groove for roof abutment, French combing.
  047See stone 023 as identical.
  048Voussoir with taurus carved edge, joggles cut to both bed faces.