Buildings project


On Thursday 19th May in Southwell Library Dr. James Wright of Triskele Heritage presented a talk entitled Timber Framed Buildings. Since graduating from Nottingham University in 1999 James has worked on many projects in Nottinghamshire and further afield and presented a very informative and illustrated talk to an appreciative audience based on his extensive experience. After setting the scene with examples of constructing buildings using timber from far and wide James focused on an old cottage in Kelham which clearly dates to the civil war era of the mid 1600s and earlier.

Southwell is steeped in history. It is not just the stone-built Minster dating back to Norman times or the timber-built Saracen’s Head Hotel from the 15th century but many of the brick houses and cottages hide a wealth of timber dating back several centuries behind their brick facade. Many in the audience were aware of the project that was carried out in 2014/5 and were able to relate much of what was said to what we saw and researched all those years ago.

The images below are from James’ website:

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