“Belonging and Belongings in the Land of the Iceni”, Natasha Harlow

October 11th, Natasha Harlow gave us a fascinating talk about her PhD research into the culture of the Iceni from around 100 years BCE to about 200 years CE.  For part of this research Natasha established a connection to reputable metal detectorists and the finds they had logged on the Portable Antiquities Scheme.  Using brooches and horse harness decorations as case studies, Natasha presented a forceful argument to suggest that their material culture did not reflect the portrayal of the classical historians, such as Tacitus. Her work particularly drew on density and distribution maps of the finds as well as their aesthetics.  In addition, she demonstrated that more recent work on resistance and identity among the Iceni in the face of Roman occupation had over-simplified a rather complex picture.  Did Boudica even exist??

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