Vicars Court Project

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27th September: Zoe Tomlinson brought some Roman building materials from Lincoln to show us, and teach us about recording the tesserae, CBM and wall plaster we have discovered in the Dean’s garden.  Also with the support of Jo Gray, twenty of us spent a happy day going through the finds from the project.  A large number of broken roof tiles, tegula and imbrices, were recorded.

The tesserae were examined in great detail!   Zoe was excited to try out her ideas for the wall plaster, she will be starting new research on the subject at Leicester University shortly.

The landscapers in the garden keep turning up more artefacts, especially tesserae and we might be approaching a 1,000 of these small mosaic tiles.  A lot of work still to be done!

A box flue- Roman heating at its finest!


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