Field walking project

Field walking

We March On into 2018!


Despite the lack of appearance of news lately on this site, SCAG have in fact been very active on the field walking front. The last of the nine fields walked so far was completed in a blizzard at the end of 2017, you can’t see the snow above but there are two very cold people in that picture!

We have been supported particularly by the generosity of Sir John Starkey and Nottingham Trent University Brackenhurst Campus in allowing us access to their land. A number of interesting finds have been made across the sites including many mediaeval pieces and Trent Valley Roman greywares, with the possibility of finer Roman pottery wares yet to be identified.

Various types of blackwares have been found in abundance, so much so that ceramic expert Jane Young spent a day with us helping to further refine and identify different types. This has enabled us to be more precise with dating.

Every Thursday afternoon is spent in the Old Courthouse identifying and recording the abundance of finds recovered. These well-attended sessions are very convivial and we are learning so much more as we go along. Once our data recording is completed and inputted into spreadsheets, we will produce maps and reports outlining the finds that will allow us to start interpreting the changing nature of human activity within Southwell’s landscape.

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